Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Way It Is (and so it goes)

I simply want to love someone even more than the way I loved you. I keep distraction all around me to try not to feel how much it hurts to have blown the attraction by letting fear make decisions instead of love. I wonder if you loved your best friend more than you loved me or whether you just gave into peer pressure and it destroyed your trust the way it destroyed mine. I wanted forever with you and would have done anything to get it, yet... would I have been happy living the life you've lived? We may never know.

I just want to love someone unconditionally and trust someone unconditionally again... Someone I would follow anywhere... I will do anything for that love and trust, as I did with you.

Would I live a lie again or would I remember how living a lie turned out?

Will anyone love and trust me as unconditionally as I can?

The test of trust is amazing.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

the way i choose to be

you have become imaginary, but that never stopped me before, after all... life is but a dream in so many ways so i keep in touch as well as i can whether i am asleep or awake, whether it is real or imaginary (or interchangeable)... it is just the way i choose to see they world... it is just the way i choose the experience this life... it is just the way that's right for me, the way i choose to be... and you don't have to explore anymore... and you don't have to want to keep in touch enough to keep in touch... and you don't have to care about me anymore, even if you do or think you think you do too much... you don't have to show it for me to know it (or pretend to be a classic epic corresponding poet)... you don't have to do anything to live in my mind... that's just the way i choose to be, call it cruel or kind... it's just the way i choose to not leave love behind... it's just the way i choose, win or lose, i am resigned... to live and be just the way i choose to be in my mind...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

so where have i been?

i never skipped a year, mostly, even if it seems like i did, i wished you well every year on your birthday (happy birthday to you) and a few other days each year when your memory inspired a smile... the memory of being in love always inspires a smile J and i like to smile so i try to remember being in love regularly (i live in love, so i smile a lot, though i've only shared being in love with someone a couple of times in this life and alas, it did not last for the forever i had hoped it would, but the memories of being in love still inspire a smile)...

this could be a long list of place i've lived, things i've done, people i've been with, and so on and so forth (what?) but lists can be so boring and are you really interested in the details?... if you are (and you find this blog and read these words) you will let me know what you want to know and i will share whatever you want to know, lists and all... but a simple answer to where i've been can be found here as much of me has been writing for the past four decades... i started as a little kid but really got serious when went in the army and wanted to keep in touch (and yes there were way more than 16 books and blogs of letters to you, though most were written before 1980)... i wonder if you still have any of those letters i sent to you (anything worth reading?)... ego always wondered if you'd have them when i became a famous song writer... but ego dreams big, as you may recall :)

off the written page, or off the web, i've spent about half this life working ridiculously long hours helping others and the other half in early retirement and i enjoyed almost every minute of both (but definitely got more rest and did many more diverse things during the retirement time)... i enjoyed drugs and travelling after the army and worked long hours at bdc (now bdso, i believe) through the 80s... i lived on ave j and e42nd st with my best friend of the time... she fell in love with me and the feeling wasn't mutual, which made moving to florida in 1990 right in many ways (my love of hot climates and letting her move on, though that took a few years because we had bought a house together in florida)... i didn't work through the 90s, moved to toronto for love in 95 and back to florida in 97 when it didn't work out... back to work in 2001... these days i run a health care facility in orlando florida and through about 90 other people and we take care of profoundly disabled people who can't take care of themselves... i live with a wonderful person who calls me her bff (she's a child of the 90s), though i've chosen to stay away from falling in love for more than two decades mostly because the right person has not come along... i have a couple of people who look to me as a father, one calls me dad, but i've created no children...

there are a whole lot more details, lots of years to catch up on if we are ever to catch up... i'd love to hear where you've been and how you are today... and so i write... i hope you are well, and happy, and know peace... and if you find these words, may they inspire a smile :)


this is how it used to be
when you were in love with me
the words fell into rhyme
the music fell in time
and life was a euphoric ecstasy

now i know what i must do
cuz i know i still love you
even after all this time
you still bring the sublime
it might not make sense but it's true
i learn to be in love with you

some may think this is sad
some may say i've lost my mind
is it crazy to be happy
i did not leave you behind

when i promised i will love you
i meant till the end of all time
maybe most people just say it
i think that is the sad crime

but you don't have to agree with me
you can be anyone you want to be
and if you didn't mean it that's ok
i still love you anyway

this is how it's meant to be
love is for eternity
love can never end
love cannot pretend
love is a euphoric ecstasy

this is the best i can do
i always believed you knew
this is what the heart dreams of
time does not change true love
it doesn't have to make sense to be true
i can and will always love you

i don't mean to scare you
or interfere in your life
it's ok if you don't want me
and you're someone else's wife

we don't have to be together
we may never meet again
but as sure as there is love
i will always be your friend

this is how it's meant to be
love is not a fantasy
love can never end
and i am still your friend
for all eternity

this is how it's meant to be
love is my reality
love cannot pretend
love can never end
time does not change what is true
i will always be here for you
if you ever need anything
i will always be here for you

happy birthday
amy lou
I will always be here for you

Monday, December 16, 2013

so i remember

so i remember, what does that mean?... whatever you want, whatever we've seen, whatever we are, whatever we've been... remember the love, that is what we mean... and so there i was watching some episodes of ncis because the characters are an imaginary family for me (ironic, since the macho military mindset is so alien and insane to me, but that's another story... and {thank you harry} another time) and i start nodding off and turn off the lights and head to be (but not before pulling off a piece of chocolate chip brownie that jackson made today) and as i turn out the light i feel a rhyme (linked above) and turned the computer back on and wrote and after uploading it i realized the date... irony, coincidence, fate, memory, whatever... just felt like sending this message to a dear old friend of mine (yeah you)... happy birthday amy :) may your light still shine :)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

a life in words

you are missing
the life i live in words
you are missing
and it's quite absurd
that you are missing
the sharing that can be
why are you missing
the caring you and me?

you are missing
the sensitivity
you are missing
the simple honesty
you are missing
the person you could be
why are you missing
the love...

it is an unfinished song
with some discord in the middle
that breaks up the nice meter
and disregards the rhyme

but there may be some hope
for a reason that will make it
worth the effort and the empty
waste of all the waiting time

waiting for the magic moment
waiting for the sublime
waiting for the answer
was it really such a crime?

you are missing
the love of a friend
who will not give it up
who will not let it end

you are missing
and nothing will replace
the smile of love and trust
that i see on your face
when i close my eyes
and remember
the 16th of december

there is still a bridge
we can walk across
to remember the magic
we thought was lost
it is innocent trust
unconditional love
the simple fairy tale
every heart dreams of

i create
a life in words
to remember
and to be

while you are missing
the feeling of sublime
of old friends, bookends,
committing the crime
of sharing moments of stillness
no productivity
and the only reason is the
the only reason there can be

the life we live in words
creating simple innocent honesty